…a scarce thing for many children throughout much of modern Cambodia. Education is the key for opening the door to opportunity, but affordable, quality education is still a rarity in this developing country.

Within the OCCO School organization, there are no salaried employees, no company cars, no expense accounts – only Sipho (video) and a handful of part-time volunteers. 

100% of your donation* to the OCCO School goes directly toward helping kids and families in need from the greater-Battambang, Cambodia area.




The physical structure of the OCCO School is in need of repair and updating, as recent rains have caused moderate flooding of the school grounds. Current needed repairs include roofing, drainage, paving, and water purification system upgrades & maintenance.


OCCO is currently seeking sponsors for 12 used bicycles (~$50 each) for the 2022 school year. This will enable multiple new students who live beyond reasonable walking-distance to begin classes immediately.


We’re trying to organize ongoing computer-fluency courses. In order to start these programs, OCCO is currently seeking 6 modern, pre-owned computers (~$200 each) to build a computer learning lab.


Teaching supplies (books, workbooks, paper, printing cartridges, ink, etc) represent a substantial recurring cost. 

...meet Sipho – “the little lady with the big heart.”

Chey Sipho has dedicated nearly twenty years to the education and material support of children in her community. Hundreds have benefited through her educational and assistance programs – all of which are offered completely free of charge through OCCO.

The OCCO School operates entirely on donated funds. The global COVID pandemic has been especially hard on small non-profit organizations in Cambodia, and OCCO is no exception. Now more than ever, ongoing donations are needed to continue providing vital assistance to the underprivileged kids of the greater-Battambang area.

The OCCO School appreciates your help in providing the opportunity these kids need to succeed.

Helping the children of the community
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*please note: all online donations are currently being processed though DonorBox.orgBlinky Light Studio until suitable merchant processing services can be integrated into the OCCO School’s own Cambodian-based financial accounts. Please be assured that 100% (minus standard merchant account and international transfer fees) of your donation goes to the OCCO organization

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OCCO began with a small number of orphaned children being cared for by a community member. Although this was a start it was not a long term solution. As the children grew up their needs could not be adequately catered for and some were placed with relatives. It was clear that there were many other children, either orphans or very vulnerable because of their family situation, who needed assistance. If these children were to be supported, then buildings and facilities would be required and a structure in the form of a support organization would need to be established.

In order to identify children in most need of support, a survey was conducted and information was collected from 8 villages within Otaki commune. This survey rated each child according to their degree of need and assessed each child’s family situation. It was found that there were children:

  • Whose parents had HIV
  • Whose parents had died with HIV or died from other diseases
  • Who were part of very large families and could not be adequately cared for

It was clear that the children were lacking food, clothing, nursing, shelter and school materials and that the villages of Prey Dach, Trang, Prey Torteng and Otaki could be the focus. As an outcome of the survey it was determined that Prey Dach should be the location for an NGO and the other villages would be supported from this center.

OCCO recognizes that although Cambodia has many support organizations, more facilities for disadvantaged children are required. OCCO has been established to help address this need and build a better future for Cambodia.

OCCO (Orphanage for Cambodian Children Organization)

#310, Group 5, Prey Dach Village, Otaki Commune, Thmorkol District, Battambang Province, Cambodia

Updates coming soon!

We want to keep our donors well-informed as to the progress of the OCCO School programs here. Please stay tuned for updates on the latest news!

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